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Training and coaching

We support our customers in building their success by offering numerous training programmes tailored to their needs. We employ experienced coaches with an International Coach Federation or International Coaching Community certificate, who support the organisation in achieving its objectives. Professional coaching leads to the activation of resources needed to achieve professional and personal goals. These goals are determined jointly by the company and the coaching participant and should be coherent with the organisation’s values and strategy. Furthermore, for a company, coaching is an excellent tool to build commitment, responsibility and a culture focused on employee development.

Thanks to coaching, employees:

  • make better decisions,
  • they achieve goals in a simpler and more effective way,
  • they develop their leadership skills,
  • build better relationships with others (co-workers, clients),
  • they are successful in business,
  • they work more efficiently,
  • bring balance to your professional and personal life.

Examples of training

Effective recruitment

During this training, you can find out about the key pitfalls of the recruitment process, how to identify professional competences, the techniques of biographic and competence interviews, verification of product and industry knowledge, as well as how to diagnose candidate motivation.

Assessment & Development Centre

During this training, your will learn about the types of tasks used by the AC/DC, rules of organising and controlling the course of a session, methods of competence assessment, preparation of reports as well as providing feedback to participants and external customers.

Competence interview

You will gain knowledge about interview types, learn about methods of identifying and defining competences, the structure of a competence-based interview and types of questions.

Communication based on Insights Discovery

This training will help you build greater self-awareness, especially in terms of conduct and communication style. We will improve your communication skills, help you better understand the differences in communication to employees and candidates. We will also give you support and guidelines for further professional development.


Justyna Lipowska

Executive Manager
HRK Assessment & Development