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IT Contracting

We specialise in outsourcing of IT specialists for IT projects implemented in Poland and EMEAR. Our team has long-term experience, thanks to which we can adapt the competences of IT specialists to the technological requirements of the project.

As a part of IT Contracting, we offer:

Body Leasing

It is a service involving the involvement of IT specialists in IT tasks according to the client's needs, both for a longer and shorter period of time.


  • employment of a specialist with specific skills for a limited period in cases where employment under a contract of employment is unnecessary
  • no costs related to recruitment
  • no costs related to training, holidays, and illness periods
  • no costs related to termination of the employment contract

Team Leasing

By choosing this service, you decide to delegate entire teams of IT experts to specific projects.


  • the opportunity to start work immediately
  • fast project end date
  • one invoice for the entire team service
  • recruitment and employment of all team members

Managed Service / Fixed Price

These services concern the monitoring and reporting of the client's IT solution. We include service operations (incident management, problems and implementation of applications), as well as processes related to the transfer of services (change management, knowledge, implementation and testing).


  • outsourcing of entire IT processes
  • employing teams, people implementing (shadow workers) in the price of the service
  • no responsibility for the recruitment and payroll of employees
  • hourly and time settlement (time & material) or per completed ticket (per ticket)
  • no obligation to manage teams
  • no responsibility for employee development, training, integration events
  • no responsibility for the motivational system and administrative care


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with a recruitment company?

The benefits of cooperation are first of all access to a larger pool of recruitment on the job market (most companies employ through agencies, because their own ads do not give such an effect, and applications received through ads do not always meet the requirements), the reliability of application delivery and constant communication with recruiter, and in case of any problems, you can get advice or help. The candidate does not bear the costs related to cooperation with the recruiter. HRK consultants know the Client Manager directly, so they can present additional requirements to the Candidate - those that are not in the job description, provide additional information about the project or organization of work at the client, as well as those that may help in the positive consideration of his candidacy. They can also present candidates with other projects that are currently running, and thus present a given candidacy to other clients. HRK consultants help prepare the candidate for a conversation with the manager / company, including based on good recruitment practices HRK Consultants are responsible for negotiating terms of cooperation in favor of the Candidate. HRK consultants warn the Manager about weaknesses of the Candidate and prepare him for an interview with the Candidate presenting his strengths and weaknesses. The candidate has the opportunity to support HRK Consultants - we work on the Candidate's side and "we play to one goal". Consultants are looking for other projects for the candidate in the meantime and after the cooperation.

How long does the recruitment interview?

The recruitment process on the HRK side is usually one-stage - it is a telephone / Skype conversation or a meeting with the HRK Recruiter. In turn on the client's side, the process depends on its internal arrangements. Usually there are a maximum of 2 stages; sometimes there is an additional verification in the form of tests / tasks to be performed.

How long will I wait for the outcome of a customer recruitment interview?

We try to send feedback immediately after the meeting. The project manager returns to us with most feedback within 2-4 business days. We inform about the length of the process at the level of the first interview with the candidate.

Who is present during the conversation / meeting with the client?

The Project Manager and a team member (Scrum Master, Developer) are usually present at the meeting at the client's office. Sometimes a representative of the HR Department also appears.

Who carries out technical verification?

The technical conversation is carried out by the Project Manager and one of the team members (Scrum Master, Developer). In some cases, before a meeting with the client is reached, HRK Consultant organizes telephone technical verification within the HRK, which is carried out by one of the Experts.

Can I work part-time?

The projects we implement are 99% related to full-time positions.

Can I work remotely?

The dimension of remote work depends on the culture of the organization and direct decision of the Manager. We run projects with both total and partial remote work.

Can I work on contract work?

Type of employment depends on the preferences of the candidate (B2B, employment contract, written order). We prefer B2B-based cooperation - we'll be happy to explain why.

Who is my direct supervisor?

On a daily basis, work is carried out at the client's office, and the project manager is the immediate supervisor. On the HRK side, the direct superior is an HRK Consultant responsible for contact with a given client (he is responsible for remuneration, project management, project change, work time management, etc.).

How long does the recruitment process?

We try to keep the recruitment process as short as possible. Most often we close the process within 1-3 weeks.

Can I recommend someone to this job?

Of course. If a person is employed, in addition to the gratitude of a friend or acquaintance, you will receive a commission from us. Contact us by email. You can always find current offers on our website.


Bolesław Kołtonowski

Executive Manager
HRK IT Contracting

Paulina Pustół

Executive Manager
HRK IT Contracting