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The beginning of a new employer branding campaign for Leroy Merlin

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A new employer branding campaign was launched on 22 March for Leroy Merlin, under the slogan ‘Join the best team’.

It is the first image campaign in Poland which encourages candidates to apply, based on the sponsorship of the Polish national football team. The campaign was developed in cooperation with HRK’s Employer Branding team.

The Leroy Merlin campaign, ‘Join the best team’, was prepared with a football atmosphere to reflect team spirit. The best team mentioned in the title already comprises more than 10,000 Leroy Merlin employees in Poland, who — as shown by research conducted for the purpose of the new campaign — are committed to their work, like to influence what they do and value cooperation. The ‘Join the best team’ campaign is coherent with the company’s activity, which has been an Official Sponsor of the Polish national football team since 2016.

In its previous employer branding activities, Leroy Merlin always relied on authenticity and transparency. This is also the case for the ‘Join the best team’ campaign. The company attracts candidates with qualities which, according to conducted research, are important for them and distinguish Leroy Merlin from the competition. However, it talks about them using football terminology. It shows, among other things, that a contract of employment is a set element of the game, that new players have an impact on the timetable and that they are given professional introductory training. It also illustrates that as part of the Leroy Merlin team, they can count on the stock ownership plan, a share in profits, interesting benefits and access to modern tools. For example, every employee is equipped with a company smartphone. In the creations prepared for the campaign, Leroy Merlin presents an enthusiastic atmosphere full of engagement, not unlike the one on the football pitch.

Leroy Merlin invited employees from its headquarters and stores from all over Poland to participate in the campaign. Individuals selected during the casting represent different professions — from the cashier or customer advisor through the warehouse worker to office employees at the company’s headquarters. It will be possible to get to know the characters from the campaign thanks to new recruitment materials and the website,, which was also updated at the same time. The radio spot recorded for the campaign will soon be broadcast all over Poland, while the videos produced will be used in the on-line campaign, including in social media. According to current trends, the 360-degree campaign uses different communication channels and relies on the element of surprise.