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Employer Branding

Nowadays, information about remuneration and benefits offered by a company is not enough to attract valuable employees. In many cases, the acceptance of an offer of employment is determined by the employer’s opinion and the prestige of being employed in a given organisation. This is why employer image is becoming increasingly important from year to year. The response to this trend is employer branding. This involves activities aimed primarily at potential employees in order to create the employer’s image as an attractive choice.

HRK has been supporting companies that want to strengthen, change or build their image from scratch for years. We focus in particular on coherent external and internal communication because we know that positive image is shaped by satisfied employees.

Our services:

Brand management strategy

When developing the brand management strategy, we use the knowledge and experience of our recruitment specialisations, which include excellent knowledge of candidate expectations. We use modern communication tools. We measure the effectiveness of the solutions proposed to our customers. 


We use a wide range of research tools, developing a methodology adapted to the customer’s needs every time. During the research, we use only the knowledge and experience of our consultants.  

  • EVP (Employer Value Proposition) identification 
  • Competition activity analysis — Polish and international benchmarks
  • Image research among students and professionals
  • Image analysis on the Internet
  • Analysis of candidate availability in selected markets 
  • Recruitment process audit
  • Communication audit
  • Organisational culture audit

Promotional campaigns

We implement comprehensive image campaigns addressed to a strictly defined audience: professionals or young talents. We use modern and traditional channels of communication with the market. We develop competence tests, competitions and online games. We build workshop scenarios for meetings with students. We ensure that candidates have a positive experience in the recruitment process (Candidate Experience).

Diversity policy

We support employers who care about attracting new groups of candidates; including women, disabled people, young people and mature employees. We advise on how to build an organisational culture which supports diversity and what to do to ensure that it translates into specific benefits for the organisation. 

Work-life balance policy and wellness programmes

We support employers who care about creating truly exceptional workplaces. We recommend tools which support employees in maintaining a work-life balance; we advise on how to communicate and disseminate them within the organisation.  We monitor the level of employee satisfaction with the implemented programmes.

EB workshops

We share our knowledge and experience in employer branding and communication during conferences and workshops — both open and closed ones.  


Piotr Mazurkiewicz


Monika Witoń

Head of Marketing & PR