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Headquarters HRK

+48 22 420 20 00

Payroll Consulting

+48 22 420 25 00


Monika Witoń

Head of Marketing & PR

+48 516 156 128

Data Protection Inspector matters related to the protection of personal data - Jakub Gałczyński

Registration data of HRK S.A

Company name: HRK SA
Address: pl. Bankowy 2, 00-095 Warsaw
NIP: 525-21-88-862
Regon: 016415964
Initial capital: PLN 600 000 (paid in 100%)
KRS (National Court Register): The company is entered into to the business register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under a KRS number 0000022647.

Regional offices


pl. Bankowy 2
00-095 Warsaw

+48 22 420 20 00
+48 22 420 20 05
+48 22 420 20 19

How to find us?

The headquarters of HRK are located in Warsaw at Plac Bankowy 2, in the so-called Blue Tower, the highest building at Plac Bankowy. Our headquarters are easiest to be reached by subway. You must get off at the Ratusz Arsenał metro station. The entrance to the building is located directly at the exit of the subway in the direction of Plac Bankowy. The building's reception desk issues passes on the basis of an ID shown to receptionists. The pass allows you to go through the gate and take an elevator to the 9th floor where HRK offices are situated.

HRK S.A. Branch in Cracow

ul. Słowackiego 66 (5 piętro)
30-004 Cracow

+48 22 420 25 00

HRK Recruitment

Sebastian Wysocki - Team Manager HRK Kraków
+48 539 031 952 

HRK IT Contracting

Paulina Pustół - Executive Manager HRK IT Contracting
+ 48 539 602 596


HRK S.A. Branch in Poznan

ul. Szkolna 5/16
61-832 Poznan

+48 61 622 72 11

How to find us?

The Poznan office of HRK SA is located in an art noveau townhouse of John Deierling, which was the first reinforced concrete building in Poznań. It is situated at ul. Szkolna 5/16. The building is located in the neighborhood of the Old Market, opposite the Municipal Hospital of Józef Struś. Szkolna street is a link between Podgórna street and Rynek Starego Miasta. Access by tram: 2, 3, 5, 9, 13,16 lines in the direction of Rynek Starego Miasta; you must get off at the stop at Wroclawska street (5, 13,16 lines) or at the bus stop at Plac Wiosny Ludów (lines 2, 3, 9). We are located in the center of the so-called red parking zone. It is practically impossible to find a parking place in Szkolna street. Please use paid parking places located in a close proximity to Wrocławska (near the Kupiec Poznanski building) and Piekary streets or at the nearby Plac Wolności. The entrances to the courtyard of the townhouse are located in Szkolna and Wrocławska streets. Intercoms are usually switched off. An active intercom with a marked card of our company is located at the entrance to the staircase. The building has no traditional reception desk at which one is required to show an ID.


pl. Solny 14a 
50-062 Wroclaw

Andżelika Grzyb - Executive Manager HRK Poznań:

mobile: +48 734 211 531

How to find us?

The office of the Recruitment and Development Department of HRK S.A. in Wrocław is located on the second floor of the townhouse at Plac Solny 14a. Enter the main gate, and then go to the left towards the inner courtyard. After going through the courtyard, select no 6 at the intercom at the front door. Access to pl. Solny by tram: 3, 6, 7, 10, 14, 15, 23, 24, 33PLUS lines and by buses no 132, 142, K. Get off at the Rynek stop. There are paid parking places available at Plac Solny.

HRK S.A. Branch in Lodz

ul. A. Mickiewicza 10,
90-050 Lodz

+48 22 243 43 78

HRK S.A. Branch in Katowice

ul. Dworcowa 4
40-012 Katowice

Anna Wygaś - Branch Manager HRK Katowice

mobile: +48 506 287 573


How to find us?

The office of HRK S.A. in Katowice is located in an office building of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne at ul. Jordana 25 in premises no. 318. The building is located in the vicinity of the Cathedral and the Faculty of Theology of the University of Silesia, above Plac Miarki. Jordana street is a turn off of Kościuszki street. Access by trams no 6 and 16 – when going in the direction of the center, get off at the stop located at Poniatowskiego street. Free of charge parking places are available on the street, but an empty place is hard to be found before 3 p.m. An ID must be shown at the reception desk.