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Assessment & Development Centre

What is the best way to assess the skills of candidates for work? The answer may be diagnostic techniques based on tests and situational tasks, aimed at assessing specific behaviours in situations similar to real ones. This assessment is performed on the basis of previously selected and defined competences.

The Assessment Centre (centre for evaluation and integrated assessment) and the Development Centre enable the assessment of candidates’ competences, their professional adjustment to a specific job, as well as setting out appropriate development paths for them. During AC/DC sessions, candidates are observed and assessed by a qualified team of assessors, who analyse their potential, personality predispositions, knowledge and skills.

Possible uses of the Assessment Centre:

  • Recruitment
  • Company restructuring
  • Recruitment for development programmes
  • Competence audit  

During the AC / DC session, candidates are monitored and evaluated by a qualified team of assessors who analyze their potential, personal predispositions, knowledge and skills. During the Assessment / Development Center, the competences of the study participants are verified on the basis of their behavior in simulation tasks. We use group and individual simulations, skill tests, professional personality questionnaires and competence interviews.

Each session participant is observed by a minimum of two assessors, and each competency is examined by at least two methods. We work based on the competency system functioning in the organization or we prepare our own methodology.

At the customer's request, we implement the Assessment / Development Center in the company as a tool for managing people. We use SHL diagnostic tools (OPQ professional personality questionnaire and skills tests). We have experience in using Insigths Discovery, Thomas International and Quest tests. For the purposes of mergers and acquisitions, we carry out Personnel audits using various tools.

Advantages of cooperation:

  • many years of experience of HRK consultants in the use of AC / DC
  • a rich database of tasks embedded in the business reality
  • individual career paths
  • aggregate reports on the surveyed groups of employees
  • the ability to adjust the content and form of the report to the client's needs



Justyna Lipowska

Executive Manager
HRK Assessment & Development